Elzom's services include:
  • Expert Jewelry Resizing Services: Achieve the perfect fit for all your treasured pieces with Elzom's precise resizing.
  • Professional Gemstone Repair: Restore the brilliance of your gemstones with Elzom's specialized repair and improvement services.
  • Comprehensive Cleaning & Polishing: Keep your jewelry looking its best with Elzom's meticulous cleaning and polishing.
  • Premium Rhodium Plating: Enhance and protect your white gold jewelry with Elzom's high-quality rhodium plating.
  • Bespoke Ring Design: Create the ring of your dreams with Elzom's custom design services, tailored to your unique vision.
For those seeking unparalleled care for their jewelry, Elzom's specialized services ensure your pieces remain as timeless and radiant as ever.

    jewelry repair


    For all custom designs, We offer a life-time manufacturing warranty. We will also provide one complimentary sizing, ring maintenance, and cleaning. In case of a manufacturing defect, we will repair the ring at no cost.

    Covered services:

    • stone check / tightening of prongs
    • prong replacement or re-tipping
    • polishing / refinishing
    • rhodium plating for white gold
    • lifetime appraisal service on the ring

    *For issues resulting from regular wear and tear, you will be charged for the cost of repair.

    jewelry appraisal


    Having your jewelry appraised helps to protect, replace, identify, and record its value. We offer fully certified appraisals on all Elzom's jewelry for insurance purposes.