Elzom offers customized diamond rings, pendants, earrings and wedding bands. As a professional gemologist I provide diamond education and guidance to equip my clients with the knowledge they need to confidently choose their perfect diamond.

Step1: Stone Selection

At Elzom, all of the rings are created around a specific stone. Selecting the stone is always the first step. We use only the finest quality, ethically sourced diamonds, sapphires, and precious gemstones in our custom rings and bridal designs.


Step2: Rendering & wax

The rendering serves as a 3D blueprint for your piece. This gives us an idea of what your piece will look like from every angle and we make sure every desired detail is included. The wax step is essential for perfecting the scale and size of the design. 

Step3: Casting & Finishing

The wax model is then cast into the metal of your choice. The stones are set and the piece is given its final polish. From design to completion, each custom piece takes approximately 4-6 weeks. 

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