Step by step how to clean the diamond ring under 10 Minutes

Wearing diamond ring regularly might turn the stone dull and less sparkly due to grime and oil residues originating from fingers or skin contact.

There are plenty of ways to clean your diamond jewelry and to restore their luster in a fastest I would recommend to use soap water method:

jewelry cleaning processIngredients:

  • Bowl 
  • Luke warm water
  • Baby toothbrush 
  • Mild detergent 
  • Ammonia-based glass cleaner* (optional)

1. Get a small bowl and add very warm water and basic dishwashing soap.

2. Soak your ring for about couple of minutes depending on how dirty it is.

3. If you need to remove a substance such as hairspray, lotion, makeup, or perfume, use a very soft toothbrush to remove any residue and rinse it with water.

4*. TIP fill a second bowl with warm water and add a small amount of ammonia-based glass cleaner. NEVER use chlorine based cleaners because they might chemically react with some jewelry metals. Place your jewelry in the second container for one or two minutes.

5.Rinse the ring under warm running water and repeat if necessary. Using chlorine or other harsh chemicals, even some certified jewelry cleaners, can damage the engagement ring.

It's important to rinse your ring thoroughly after cleaning in order to remove any soap residue.

At Elzom with every purchase of an engagement ring, I offer non-abrasive and Chemical-Free Solution to make this process even faster at home.

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