What is the best setting for a solitaire diamond ring?

prong setting
Prong setting!  prongs are made up of small strips of metal and they form a basket-like to hold the center stone. Once the stone is seated inside and aligned correctly, the ends of the prongs are bent towards the diamond to hold it snugly in place

Pros of a prong setting

  • Elevates the stone, making it more noticed
  • Enables significant light to pass through the gemstones
  • Supports a variety of stones shapes and sizes
  • Simple to clean and maintain a classic look

Cons of a prong setting

  • Can snag on clothing, furniture and other materials, especially if high set (a lower set prong may be best for those with an active lifestyle)
  • May loosen with wear (I recommend having the prongs inspected at least every two years to insure the stone remains secure)

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